Major Clients

1. M/s Advance Steel Tubes Ltd. Sahibabad Complete Automatic Pipe Galvanizing Plant, Zinc Tanks.
2. M/s Apollo Tubes Ltd., Madras 

Complete Tube Mill, Semi Automatic End Facing Machine & Rollers (2 1/2" - 8"), Hydrotester, Threading Machines, (2 1/2" - 8"), Slitting Line 30T.                                                             

3. M/s Ganpati Tubes & Fabricators (P) Ltd., Bhiwadi Stainless Steel Tube Mills, Grinders, Furnace, Tube Straightening   Machine, Draw Bench, Rollers.
4. M/s Maharashtra Tubes Ltd., Bombay Complete Slitting Line, Bending Machine, Complete Automatic Pipe Galvanizing Plant, Zinc Tank, Complete Tube mill-3", Tube Mill Rollers, Semi Automatic Endfacing Machine & Automatic Hydrotesting machine .                                                      
5. M/s Metalman Pipe Mfg. co.,  Indore Complete Automatic Pipe Galvanizing Plant
6. M/s Richardson & Cruddas Ltd., Nagpur
Structural Galvanizing main furnaces & Drying Deck and picking Section,  Complete new galvanizing  plant, Zinc Tank, Zinc Pump.                                                                         
7. M/s Rajindra Steels Ltd., Kanpur         

Fully automatic Pipe Galv. Plant, Slitting Line, Tube Mill 3''-8".                  

8.M/s Suprabhat Steel Ltd., Patna Slitting Line, Tube mill and Galvanizing Plant, Hydrotester and End Facing Machine(1/2"-8").
9. M/s Surya Roshni Ltd, Bahadurgarh Complete Galvanizing Plants, Zinc Kettles.
10. M/s Triveni Metal Tubes LTD,. Kanpur Complete Galvanizing Plants,Zinc Tanks,Complete Tube Mill 1/2"- 2 1/2", Automatic Hydrotester, Pipe Bending Machine, Pipe Swaging Machine, Tube Mill Roller 1/2"- 8" & Semi Automatic End Facing Machine.
11. TRF LTD, Jamshedpur Complete fully automatic HR Slitting Line 30T X 2000 mm capacity.
12. Surana Strips Ltd., Hyd Complete Tube Galvanizing Plant, Spare Zinc Kettle.
13. Bhushan LTD, Dera Bassi Complete Tube Galvanizing Plants - 2 nos, Complete Cable tape Galvanizing Plants - 2 nos, Zinc tanks, Spares for Tube Mills and Galvanizing Plants
14. Bhushan Steel & Strips LTD, Sahibabad Zinc kettles, Spares for Sheet Galvanizing Plants.
15. Bhushan LTD, Calcutta Complete Cable tape Galvanizing Plant, Spares for Sheet Galvanizing Plant
16. BMW Industries LTD Complete Tube Galvanizing Plants - 2 nos, Complete Slitting Lines - 2 nos, Zinc tanks, Spares for Slitting line, Tube Mill and Galvanizing Plants.
17. Nezone Tubes LTD, Guwahati Complete Tube Galvanizing Plants - 2 nos, Zinc tanks, Spares.
18. Bharat Steel Tubes LTD, Ganaur Complete fully automatic Tube Galvanizing Plant, Complete pollution control equipment, Spares for Tube Mill.
19. R.S. Steel Works, Surajpur Complete structural Galvanizing plant.
20. Amitasha Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Nagpur
Complete structural Galvanizing plant
21. Skipper Steels Ltd, Calcutta
Complete pipe cum structural Galvanizing plant
22. Power Age Towers Ltd, Pithampur
Complete structural Galvanizing plant
23. Pioneer Trans Energy Ltd, Lucknow Complete structural Galvanizing plant
24. Aster Teleservises Pvt Ltd, Raipur
Complete structural Galvanizing plant.
25. Novelty Galvanizers Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Complete structural Galvanizing plant.
26. Maharashtra Power Transmission Pvt Ltd Uttaranchal
Complete structural Galvanizing plant.
27. Maharashtra Power Transmission Pvt Ltd, Wada
Structural Galvanizing furnace and drying oven.
28. IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects Ltd, Nagpur
Structural Galvanizing furnace.

Major Exports

1. Nepal Structural Galvanizing Plant, Slitting cum rewinding line, Spares for Sheet Galvanizing Plant, Tube Galvanizing Plant, Roller for pipe, Channel & other sections, Zinc Kettles, Tube Mill 1/2"- 2" and 3"- 8".
2. Syria Complete Tube Mill, Automatic Galvanizing Plant, Automatic End Facing & Threading Machines, Automatic Hydrotester, Pipe Straightening Machine, Rollers, Cutters etc.
3. Jordan Modification of Tube Galvanizing Plant, Tube Mill Rollers, Tube Straightening Machine.
4. Bangladesh Zinc Tanks, Coating Rollers & Spares for Sheet Galvanizing Plant.
5. Sri Lanka Zinc Tanks, Coating Rollers & other Spares for Sheet Galvanizing Plant.
6. Nigeria Zinc Tanks.
7. Zambia Zinc Pump.
8. Kenya Automatic end facing machine & Hydrotester.
9. Tanzania Zinc Kettles, Coating Rollers, Spares of Tubes Mill & Galvanizing Plant.
10. Mauritius Complete Tube Galvanizing Plant, Tube Mill Roller, Spares.
11. Qatar Complete Structural Galvanizing Plant, Spares.
12. UAE Complete Structural Galvanizing Plants - 2 nos, Zinc tanks, Spares for Tube Mills and Galvanizing Plants.
13. Oman Complete fully automatic tube galvanizing plant based on natural gas firing.
14. Kuwait Complete structural Galvanizing plant.
15. Ghana Complete structural Galvanizing plant.


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